Bacon Pancake Mix

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What happens when you combine two all-American breakfast favorites? (And we’re not talking about cereal and eggs!) We’re talking about BACON and PANCAKES!
When you combine bacon and pancakes, America’s #1 favorite breakfast foods, you have a result that’s incredibly delicious and satisfying. Sure. If you’re on the go and you want to get your protein and carbs all in one, this is a great way to go. But it’s more than that! The salty savory bacon mixed in with fluffy, golden pancakes is a pairing that fits just like two best friends. Like if Pancakes were Winnie the Pooh and Bacon was, well… Piglet. Okay, maybe that wasn’t a very good analogy… or maybe it was a perfect analogy! (Depending upon the way you think.) But as you see, these two come together perfectly and we’re bringing you the BEST Bacon Pancakes that you will find anywhere!
Check them out!